Valid values in relation to the political persecution of Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is charged by the US government for publishing evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses. He faces a 175 year sentence. This is not just an attack on journalism, it's an attack on the future of democracy.

The values of governments that start wars by lies and grant impunity for war crimes, corruption and human rights violations are evident. They disdain truth, transparency and the rule of law.
In a democracy the media are expected to monitor, investigate and report on government misconduct to give the public a balanced view. When it becomes a crime to publish truthful information in the public interest, that balance is gone.

In response to and as a result of the grave injustice done to Assange, Valid Values explores the values of people who resist this imbalance, including some of Assange's family members, close friends and supporters.

Ai Weiwei

Julian Assange truly represents a core value of why we are free — because we have freedom of the press.

Barbora Bukovská

We need courage to defend our values against repression, cowardice, prejudice, inequality and injustice.


Compassion — empathy plus action — must surely be the foundation of our values.

Clara López Rubio

Burning in love for a world that cannot be repaired.​

Committee to Defend Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks revelations promised the hope of a more robust and informed democracy that can and should have an educated say in public life.

Cristina Godoy-Navarrete

Solidarity, justice and resistance are beautiful words and principles that we must keep present in our minds, hearts and actions.

Davide Dormino

Art arrives where politics and justice fail: Therefore changing our perception of the present.

Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver

I believe that all of us have a duty to step up & make personal sacrifices to make the world a better place for others.​

Diani Barreto

Truth-telling is an act of lèse majesté, — an act that offends the powerful, by putting into question the legality of hidden agenda.

Edith Ballantyne

Truth and justice must prevail to have peace.

Felicity Ruby

I truly believe that humanity can drag itself from the pit of war, racism and discrimination. Violence is not inevitable; it is a learned behaviour, from which we can and will – and must – evolve.

Fidel Narváez

I believe we owe our freedom to the heroes of past generations who fought with their lives for it. It is essential to fight now for future generations so the world that they inherit from us will be freer and fairer.​

Gabriel Shipton

Justice needs us.

Gianluca Costantini

I'm interested in art that interacts with the community, in art that shares and does not impose. As far as I'm concerned, art is a way of navigating in discomfort, in conflict, in helping others, a way of working with the political and civil space. Art helps me not to look the other way.

Jacob Appelbaum

we are entropy.

Jérémie Zimmermann

I value diversity in all things, as well as basic freedoms such as the freedom to experiment, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to learn, and freedom to question everything including myself and the structures of power and authority.

John Rees

The most important question, the question to which all other questions lead is ‘what is to be done?’​

John Shipton

If you want peace, be prepared to fight.

Juan Passarelli

If we weren’t able to communicate with each other, our whole intellectual heritage would not exist. This is why our right to communicate is our most important right.

Kevin Gosztola

In a mad world, publishing the truth is brave. Acting on that truth is even more revolutionary. And if the truth really can set us free, then on some level it must be liberating to be part of disseminating the truth. Spreading the truth gives a journalist a noble purpose, along with the will to keep fighting injustice.

Naomi Colvin

The disclosure and distribution of important information sometimes relies on individuals going against the grain. Those activities, and those people, should be protected because they are valuable.​

Niels Ladefoged

If values are the lifelong pursuit of the ideal in ourselves and others then we must, as we strive towards diverse and shared values, gather all the strength and power we can harness. So therefor I’m left emphasising the value of health, mental, physical and societally. So with that, to your health, friend.

Nils Melzer

Even in the darkest room, one candle is enough for everyone to see. So, as dark as things may be around you, don’t look for the light elsewhere, but light your own candle, and make people see.

Sara Vivacqua

The truth is always a radical process.

Stefania Maurizi

As an investigative journalist, I will leave no stone unturned to allow journalists like Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks journalists and sources like Chelsea Manning to expose war crimes and to live free and safe after exposing them. This is what freedom of the press is in a democracy.

Suzanne Gilbert

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” — Maya Angelou​


If we believe in our moral values and democracy, we must support whistleblowers and investigative journalists.

Tracy Worcester

If Julian Assange loses his freedom we lose our freedom to speak truth to power.
Live simply with curiosity, creativity, ingenuity & resourcefulness. Respect instinct & nature. Feel empathy. Show kindness. Search for the truth. Think critically & independently not ideologically. Act realistically, practically & strategically. Stand up for justice & freedom. Find the courage to stand alone for your principles.

Christine Assange