The values of

Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver

We, the public, have a right to know and to seek accountability from governments, agents of the State, public institutions and corporations for the crimes they commit. However due to ignorance, bad faith, the powerlessness of victims, and lack of due care, such oppression is not typically addressed.
In addition to transparency & institutional arrangements that allow us to comprehend what’s going on, we also need power to be able to stop and redress wrongs. Power is currently concentrated in institutions and people who are corrupt. Whistleblowers, activists & journalists need our support so the truth can come to light. We also need to develop the wisdom and kindness that help us do this in a way that eliminates or minimises suffering. I believe that all of us have a duty to step up & make personal sacrifices to make the world a better place for others.
Portrait of Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver for Valid Values, a project about Julian Assange by Richard Lahuis