The values of

Felicity Ruby

The enduring courage of whistleblowers and activists standing up and organizing keeps my hope alive. So does spending time in nature. I now work in the field of technology and I’m inspired by those creating free and open source tools to put technology in the hands and service of people over profit. I’m also working on my PhD dissertation, which focuses on social movements resisting injustice and building the path towards real democracy, that doesn’t yet exist. I truly believe that humanity can drag itself from the pit of war, racism and discrimination. Violence is not inevitable; it is a learned behaviour, from which we can and will – and must – evolve. For me WikiLeaks is tied up with all of these things because it has used technology to expose the brutal truths about war and war planning, showing how power and corruption stand in the way of realising democracy and justice.
Portrait of Felicity Ruby for Valid Values, a project about Julian Assange by Richard Lahuis